Welcome to Kaupang - the vikingtown!

founded in the year 800

Summerseason: Open every day, except Monday, 10:00 - 16:00 from 24 June to 19 August 2018
Adress: Kaupangveien 278, 3261 Larvik See map
Entrance fee: NOK 80
Mail: post@kaupangprosjektet.no
Phone +47 90622744
Groups: Please contact us to make an appointment

Welcome to the excavation site for Norways first vikingtown!

The Kaupang project people are hosts at Kaupang. We offer guided tours and viking activities for young and old. Take part in the history of viking life and death in the town. Experience crafts, knowledge, religion and food culture.

For individual visitors: On event days, you are invited to short expeditions to the graves in the area. We arrange viking activities and you can taste freshly prepared and tasty Viking soup.

Full speed or slow down: Visiters can choose to participate in activities or to relax and take it easy. Our hosts nevertheless make arrangements for our guests to have a comfortable visit.
Detailed overview of what is going on which days in the summertime will appear here during May 2018.

For groups: By appointment we organize an experience day or a small party. We cater for groups up to about 100 people. We offer Viking food, made on site over open fire, as the Vikings did. We arrange viking games that everyone can take part in, craft avtivities, and practical archaeological excavation for children. Our guests can try to shot with bow and arrow and participate in other physical viking competitions. We have historical board games and viking quiz, and you might meet the volva.

The history

Kaupang in Skiringssal was built around 800, and became an important trade and production city for Vikings and others. The location in the wedge of Viksfjord was significant when the city was established as a hub for trade and production.

There are a lot of articles about Kaupang. Try this one: http://thedockyards.com/history-kaupang-skiringssal-norways-first-town/

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