Welcome to Kaupang in Skiringssal!

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Open summer 2024:

June 22 – september 1: Open 10.00 – 17.00 every day exept Mondays.

* Kaupang, The viking town: Come and see the exhibition.!
* Pheasanature: Task-track for everyone.
* Family day:, Every Wednesday from June 26 to August14. Activities for children.
* Puppet theatre: Thursdays July 4 and 11 at 13.00 o’clock. Norvegian language only.
* Walking on Kaupang North: Thursdays July 18 and 25, August 1 and 8. Story telling, funerals and archeaology. Who was buried there and how was the funeral. The walk starts at 13 o’clock and lasts about one hour.

Adress: Kaupangveien 276, 3261 Larvik. See map
Entrance fee: NOK 100,-
Email: post@kaupangprosjektet.no
Telephone: +47 90622744

Kaupangprosjektet is the host on Kaupang and offers guiding every day exept Mondays. Be part of the life and death of the vikings of the town. Learn about craft, religion, food and trading near and far.

By appointment it is possible to have an experience day or maybe a little a party. We can handle groups up to 100 persons. We offer viking food, made at the site by open fire, as the vikings did. We organize games for everyone to participate, craft and archaeological excavations for children. Our gests can practice shooting with a bow and arrow, and take part in other activities.

(Updated June 10, 2024)


Find the answers - complete the tasks - get to know the story better !
We have 2 different trails.
* Every day, during opening hours, the quiz trial for children is available.
* On Tuesday, Friday and Sunday we have a quiz and activity trail that is suitable for everyone, whether you are a family, group or individuals. The trail contains both some archery, some Viking questions and a little more... We start at 13:00 and we find "Today's winner" at 15:00. Come and try!

The trails are easily accessible. You will be given a map at the entrance to the museum.


Activities for young and old
Every Wednesday until August 11th is a family day at Kaupang
We have archaeological excavation for the children to participate in. We shot with bow and arrow, and you can sling yourself a leash, like the Vikings did.
When it's family day, it's time for Viking food!
In the middle of the day, our tasty Viking soup is served, prepared in the Viking pot over open fire. It is served boiling hot, completely freshly made. Bread, you bake it yourself on the roof over the open flame. The price for soup and bread NOK 100. (Only soup: NOK 70) Raspberry juice is nice to drink with this, price NOK 10.

Making bread

The soup is served and you make your own bread.

Fasanatur - task track:
Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays: A special task track, suits everyone, groups, families, singles. It contains both practical assignments and theoretical Questions.
Starting from 13.00 o’clock. Solutions and selection of the winner at 15.00 o’clock.
The track is easily accessible. You get the map at the entrance of the museum
It's suitable for the whole family. Welcome!

Enjoy a pheasant-trail and/or explore the large burial grounds.

Full speed or slow down?
It's up to you. Participate in activities or relax and take it easy. In any case, the hosts do their best to ensure that everyone has a great day!

By appointment, we are happy to arrange an experience day or a small party. We accept groups of up to about 100 people. We offer Viking food, made on site, over an open fire, as the Viking did. We organize Viking games for everyone to participate in, crafts and practical excavations for children. Our guests can try shooting with the bow and arrow of the time, or participate in other physical Viking competitions. We have historical board games and viking quizzes, and maybe you will meet the volve . .

By bike in vikingland:
The bicycle brochure (Norwegian, only) shows directions and descriptions of 10 fine cultural heritage sites in Skiringssal. Thanks to the Culture Department in Larvik Municipality and others who helped us get it printed in 2022.
Download it and take a bike ride: Bike brochure

This is where the city was located. Founded in the year 800. It dissappeared before year 1000.

The landscape and changes are important.


Founded in the year 800, Kaupang in Skiringssal became an important place for trade and crafts for Vikings and others. The location inside Viksfjorden must have been of great importance for the town and the trade.

A lot has been written about Kaupang's history. Here is an article published by The Dockyards: The History Of Kaupang In Skiringssal – Norway’s First Town

This page is updated June 10th, 2024.